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Meeting today’s needs while keeping tomorrow in mind, CHROMAGEN, a major international player in the field of alternative energy, develops a range of efficient and reliable solar systems providing clean, dependable solutions for your water-heating needs.

Since its foundation in 1962, CHROMAGEN has accumulated years of experience in the field of harnessing the sun’s unlimited energy for the purpose of heating water.

In more than 35 countries worldwide, CHROMAGEN is known for its ability to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to energy requirements.

CHROMAGEN’S collectors and storage tanks comply with a broad range of international standards. The 10,000m2 thermo-tanks factory is located in Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim in Israel and employs a staff of 200 workers. In addition a new and modern facility of 3500m2 for solar collectors production, was recently inaugurated in northern Israel.chromagen_building Israel

The company dominates the Israeli market in which 85% of the households rely on thermal solar systems for hot water. With three distribution centers, and more than 150 independent authorized local dealers, the company provides a nationwide network for sales, installation and customer service.

In addition, CHROMAGEN works together with the construction industry, providing technical expertise for system design for both single-family homes and mega systems such as in apartment houses, hotels, hospitals and industrial plants.

CHROMAGEN is proud to provide its customers with high quality, efficient systems, and to be an integral participant in the worldwide cause for a cleaner environment while harnessing renewable energy sources.

The following four values guide CHROMAGEN on all activities:

  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Innovation
  • Customer Orientation
  • Energy Efficiency

CHROMAGEN figures for 2006 showed a turn over of 41million US$ and is a market leader in both Israel and Spain. It is also heavily represented in Australia. It operates two factories one for the Solar Collectors and another for the Thermo Tanks.

Chromagen’s quality management scheme meets with the ISO 9001 standards and the highest standards of quality according to many international standards institutes (see certifications)

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